Dan Brown’s Inferno: Florence tour

“Along the banks of the River Arno I scramble, breathless . . . turning left onto Via dei Castellani, making my way northward, huddling in the shadows of the Uffizi. And still they pursue me. . . ”
Let’s discover most of the locations mentioned and the path followed by Robert Langdon: we start from Porta Romana where we enter Boboli Garden (do you remember the drone?)and walk along the Viottolone to reach the Buontalenti Grotto and see the external of the Vasarian Corridor. Then we go out and can admire the imposing Pitti Palace facade. We continue, crossing the Old Bridge, and walk along the Arno bank as far as the Uffizi Palace and Signoria square where the Signoria Palace stand. Nearby the Badia and the Bargello Palace in front of which our tour ends. ( 3 hrs).
The first and last Mondays of every month, as the Boboli garden is closed, it will be replaced by the visit of the Old Palace ( Dante’s deathmask and 500 Hall with the ceilings decorated by Vasari.
This is the “Inferno” basic itinerary, and it includes one interior visit (Boboli Garden or Signoria Palace) but if you wish to complete it, it is possible to do the second part of Langdon’s “travel” : Dante’s Alighieri District, the Cathedral square to admire the golden Gates of Paradise of the Baptistery, the Cathedral, the Giotto tower, adding a second interior visit (2, 5/3 hrs).

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