Medici Chapel and St Lorenz Church

We will visit the district of the Medici family, the author of the most excellent pages of Florence history.


  • the Basilica of S. Lorenzo, the Medici family  church  for three centuries, where they used to celebrate marriages, funerals and state ceremonies. It was masterly restored by Filippo Brunelleschi and it houses masterpieces of  Donatello, Verrocchio, Filippo Lippi, Rosso Fiorentino.
  • the Medici Chapels, with the Sagrestia Nuova conceived  by Michelangelo. A high valued mausoleum decorated with semi precious stones and marble, where the most prominent members of the Florentine family rest, handing over eternity their memory.
  • the Medici Palace commissioned to the architect and sculptor Michelozzo and prototype for all the Florentine Renaissance

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