Art & Wine


A Walking Tour which marries Art with Wine. A visit of the historical centre of Florence, seen with the privileged eye of a wine fan. The religious center, the political center, statues of famous sculptors, noble families wine addicted for tens of generations give us the hint to talk not only about the history of Florence but also the most typical aspects related with contemporary life. And out tour is going to end in a very delicious way: tasting of Tuscan wines selection!

  • Noè, the first man who tests the effects of wine: we’ll see the way artista translated this episode into images

Giotto Bell-tower: Noè drunkeness (panel)

Baptistry (Paradise gate): Noè drunkness by Lorenzo Ghiberti (copy)

  • Allegory of Temperance: cardinal virtue which recalls to mankind the control of passions and the moderation

Baptistry – South gate, Temperance (Andrea Pisano)

  • Judith and Holofern: drunkness like the necessary condition to fulfill a divine project

Signoria Square – Judith and Holofern (Donatello), copy

  • Allegory of Autumn: celebration of human activities

Santa Trinita Bridge – statue representing Autumn (Giovanni Caccini)

  • Frescobaldi, historical Florentine family, that has been dedicating to high quality Tuscan wines for 700 years

Frescobaldi Square
Santo Spirito Street

  • Bacchus, god of wine and ecstasy

Bacchus (Benvenuto Cellini)

  • Guilds in the Medieval Florence

The ancient seat of Vinattieri Guild (merchants trading with wine)

  • Antinori, wine producers for 26 generations

Antinori Square

  • A church originally named Santa Maria delle Vigne (vineyards), as evidence of vine cultivation in the surroundings of Florence

Santa Maria Novella Square

And to end our tour: tasting of a selection of high quality Tuscan wines!


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